When I was 21, I had my first and only class of photography in the university, which was super basic but at the same time very exciting for me to take my first shoots. I remember that my teacher always asked us to take pictures with amateur models, cheap clothing, makeup and all the stuff that we could possible need in order to produce the pictures. I never felt comfortable taking that kind of pictures because they didn't feel like me.

A year after that class, I had the opportunity to travel to Perú with Juank, it was our first time traveling as backpackers and my camera was with me. In that travel I fell in love with the power of instant moments. Everything around me communicated something, the looks, the clothing and what people were doing.

I am definitely not a photographer, but I consider myself an enthusiast for instants and memories, thing that have made me a fan of photojournalism and Polaroids Originals.

These pictures are a timeline of things that I live and I treasure the most.

Polaroids from 2017
February 4th 2017 | Barva Volcano Lagoon | 11:00am
March 16th 2017 | La Sabana, San José, Costa Rica
Aril 2017 | Pozo Verde, Alajuela
April 2017 | Monteverde, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
April 2017 | Monteverde, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
September 26th 2017 | The Great Canyon point view
December 21st 2017 |Sylvania Design Team, Sylvania garden, San José, Costa Rica
Octubre 2017, Top garden of the LDS Conference Center, Utah, US
December 22nd 2017 | Río Agrio, Alajuela, Costa Rica
December 22nd 2017 | Road to San Carlos, Costa Rica
Polaroids from 2018
January 1st 2018 | Road to Irazú Volcano, Costa Rica
January 1st 2018, Cartago, Costa Rica | View from the top of the volcano
May 2018 | Museum of Ice Cream, Miami | Front
May 2018 | Miami International Airport | Waiting to return to Costa Rica
August 25th 2018 | The Creators Studio | First Month of The Creators
October 2018 | View from the top of Zion National Park, Utah
October 10th 2018 | Yellowstone Park | My Family in front of the Old Faithful
October 10th 2018 | Yellowstone | OldFaithful
10th October 2018 | Bear Lake, Idaho | First time with snow
October 2018 | Salt Lake City, Utah, US | Timothy Goodman Mural
December 2018 | Xmas Juank
December 2018 | Xmas Fabián
December 2018 | Party Invitation
December 13th 2018 | San José, Costa Rica | Xmas Party
December 2018 | Cerro de la Muerte, Costa Rica | In the middle of the wilderness
December 2018 | Cerro de la muerte, Costa Rica | Dandelion in the forest
December 2018 | Cerro de la muerte, Costa Rica | Freedom
December 2018 | Cerro de la muerte, Costa Rica | Freedom 2