About Us

We are an independent design & communication studio founded in 2018, which has been created with the purpose of delivering very high quality developments to our clients. We see each day as an opportunity to create, we don't allow the amazement to discover die and in experimentation we discover the results.

About the Role

Being an independent study, we have developed our own processes and tools, we understand that processes are liquid and must be able to constantly evolve, for this, we are looking for someone capable of going one step ahead of the requirements and the team, who takes decisions focused on achieve objectives, with a higher vision than just the day-to-day of the projects, and for this it must have the ability to plan, anticipate and execute.

You will have

• Minimum experience of 2 years as project manager
• Having led projects
• Had experience leading teams of more than 4 people
• High verbal and written communication skills


• Experience in advertising and marketing (Profiles with experience as Account Executives will be considered)
• Have knowledge in project management software such as Asana and Everhour
• Bilingual: English / Spanish

If you are interested in being part of our team of misfits, apply now in the form below.