The closest to a tangible design

Do you remember the smell of a new bill? There's something magic about it, right? Well, that same feeling is the one we have with books! We love them!

But in order to start an entrance about books, we must introduce you to don Jorge or el se√Īor de los libros. This man is the responsible for the economic fall of an entire generation because of the excessive purchase we have made in books over the years... we are joking! ūüėÜ

No, but really, the truth is that he has driven many of us to fall in unconditional love for books. His passion is to find specialized book editions for designers, photographers, architects and other related professions.

We recently had a conversation, where he told us about his concern on the lack of interest that the new generations are showing for books. The people (according to him) are buying less books because now everything is digital. But the reality is that printed books have their own charm and people are still buying printed versions.

According with The Economic Times, in a study published in the journal Electronic Markets, people reported feeling a limited sense of ownership of digital books versus physical books. 

Of course we can't deny there're amazing opportunities of doing nice shit with digital design, but, if there's something we have learned in these years, is to appreciate tangible design, 'cause you know, physical stuff works in a completely different way.

There's something in everything…
The textures, colors, smells and the way they work together, makes all the effort that we put as designers in our projects, not just tangible but exciting. That feeling for sure is unreachable in the screen.

At The Creators we love to collect different kind of books and we use them constantly as a source of reference or inspiration for our projects.

It's less difficult to think about the kind of professionals we want always to be, when we see ourselves reflected in other designers. Is in that moment when we understand that all The Creators have a lot of things in common, such as the passion of creating new experiences for users and the interest of finding different paths for a solution.

This is our statement for new generations and our own generation!
Let's never stop appreciating design in its physical applications, that's something that just can't happen! Long Life to Book! Got it? ūüėČ

Top 9 books that we really love.

01.¬†Procesos creativos en Dise√Īo gr√°fico: Cuadernos de Trabajo - Spanish only¬†
02. Shapes 
03.Good Type The Art of Lettering 
04. Contino Brand by Hand 
05. Draplin Design Co. Pretty Much Everything 
06. Humans of New York 
07. The Eternal Pursuit of Unhappiness 
08. Show Your Work 
09. Manage Your Day To Day