About us

We are an independent design & communication studio founded in 2018, which has been created with the purpose of delivering very high quality developments to our clients. We see each day as an opportunity to create, we don't allow the amazement to discover die and in experimentation we discover the results.

About the Role

We are looking for a person with disruptive thinking, open to exploration and creating stories that describe the essence of each brand and client we work with. You will work in conjunction with creative direction, designers, and copywriters with a focus on digital platforms and projects. Above all, you must have a passion for learning, creating, and innovating.

You will have

• Minimum 2 years of experience and / or an nice portfolio!
• Excellent writing skills in English and Spanish
• High verbal and written communication skills
• Strategic thinking
• Knows how to plan, anticipate opportunities and execute projects
• Propose, create and develop concepts
• Knows about digital platforms and how to create with available resources


• Write poems, short stories, or can tell a story in 280 characters

If you are interested in being part of our misfits team, apply now in the form below.