The first book that we bought to don Jorge (the man of the books) was Creative Process in Graphic Design, and we want to share a review.

It is called Creative Process in Graphic Design.

Sketch book of Sagmeister in the
Book Creative Process in Graphic
Sagmeister Sketchbook

For those who are designers for real (you know what we mean) this book is a most. It is about the journey of a specific and real project that is telling by a timeline. We found here designers with a trajectory that talks for them self, like Stefan Sagmeister & Paula Scher (Pentagram Partner).

We are going to give 5 reasons why do we consider this a book for Creators.

01. Empathy.

Something that we like a lot of this book is that it to put us the day to day of these gods of design and then and then when we see our day and found similar situations is nice to feel ourselves doing what we have to do… in the book, we can find the complete journey of each designer during a project. With dates, deadlines, creative process, sketching, meetings and everything else that is part of a project.

02. Process.

We never heard a designer saying that the creative process is something easy. And in this book, the process is not different than our reality. One of the nicest thing in this book its to see how every designer goes step by step creating a project.

03. History.

It is cool to know that these gods of design come from nothing or at least they don't grow up famous. Read their history is really comfortable. If they could why we don't?

04. Personality.

It's important to have a very define personality when the work in the real world is our day to day. In the book, we can read the personality of each designer. From very polite people to irreverent like Sagmeister.

Sketches. Sometimes we as designers complain because we think we should know how to draw. If you think you have to be a nice illustrator to design let us tell you are wrong. We are fascinated by the ability to put ideas in the paper not for how it looks like. Is really nice to see the sketches of the designers in this book to understand what we are talking about.

Well that's it for know! We hope you liked the read. If you did't read our top 10 books for creators, you can do it here. See ya in next post.

Journal of Sagmeister in the 
book Creative process in graphic design
Sagmeister has a journal where he writes all the things he does day by day.