About us

We are an independent design and communication studio. We opened doors in 2018 with the purpose of delivering high-quality developments to our clients. We perceive each day as another opportunity to create. Our capacity for wonder never dies. We believe taking risks is part of success!

About the role

As Account Executive, you will be in charge of advising clients in order to meet their objectives. You will engage in constant, proactive and assertive communication with the studio’s clients. You will be in charge of identifying potential business opportunities. You will encourage innovation (this means you will need to be on top of market trends). You will have a close relationship with Project Management to ensure that, based on the team’s internal workflow, clients’ needs can be met. You will need to collect all necessary data from the client and monitor if it is enough for the team to be able to accomplish projects smoothly. As well, you will support Project Management to evacuate any doubts that may arise during tasks’ development. You will ensure all materials are delivered to the clients on time and confirm these comply with their requests. You will hold regular meetings with clients to follow up on ongoing projects. You will constantly propose new ideas to clients and the team. You will generate project briefs. You will create work orders using the project management tools of the studio. You will generate and manage clients’ meeting minutes. You will receive and present ongoing projects’ status reports to the clients. You will also present and inform them about projects’ progress and hand them deliverables of requested tasks. 

You will be in constant contact with our clients. Within the team, you will be in constant connection with Sales, Art & Creativity Directors and Project Manager.

Required skills

  • Bachelor degree in marketing
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in similar positions 
  • Total fluency with Google Docs, Office, Asana and Office 
  • Advanced English level
  • Continuous desire for learning, assertiveness, effective communication, innovation, disruptive thinking, strategic thinking, proactivity, artistic sensitivity, order and conflict resolution.


• Courses or professional updates in Advertising 

If you think you would be a good match for a team of misfits, apply now using the form below.